The Hidden Truth About Do It Yourself Teeth Whitening Options

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Apr 08

There are a lot of dentist’s offices that will offer professional teeth whitening services if you need one. However, it may be cheaper for you to whiten your teeth from home. The do-it-yourself option has gained popularity over the years and considered a home remedy. This type of whitening involves teeth whitening kits or strips to fix discolored or stained teeth. You can purchase these strips without a prescription from the dentist at your local pharmacy.

However, there are a few things you need to know before using the strips.

Can Whitening Strips Work For Me?

Teeth whitening strips will have a mixture of bleach and peroxide in them to help remove stains. Some people will use bleach to add a hint of brightness to white clothes or change their hair color, but it is also effective in the whitening of teeth. Using peroxide will restore the natural order of your teeth. In combination, they offer the best at home remedy for stains.

Most of the strips have polyethylene in them, which gives the strips a thin elastic feel. When you apply the strips on your teeth, the peroxide will encounter the enamel and help remove the discoloration from the surface. The kit will usually request for the user to remove the strips after a set amount of time, while others will just dissolve.

What Are The Benefits Of Whitening Strips?

Do-it-yourself whitening treatments are less expensive than visiting your local dentist. However, they are only a temporary fix. A dentist will advise you to have a professional cleaning and whitening periodically if possible. The strips are easy to use every day for up to two weeks. After the 14-day period, your teeth should be visually brighter. The results are quick and should last for at least four months.

Should I Brush Before I Use Them?

Brush your teeth before using the strips, if you don’t you can risk the chance of trapping bacteria and plaque on your teeth. This can cause tooth decay and more dental problems. The bacteria on your teeth will also reduce the whitening agents and prevent the whitening strips from working properly.

Do not brush them immediately before applying the strips. This can cause pain in your gums or sensitivity. Instead, try to wait at least 30 minutes, then apply the strips.

Are There Any Dangers Involved With Whitening Strips?

Majority of them are safe to use, however, read the ingredients to make sure you are purchasing the right ones. Some contain chlorine dioxide, which can destroy the natural enamel on your teeth. Chlorine Dioxide is an acid that is used to clean swimming pools. The solution is strong and dangerous if you use too much of it. Continuously using this substance on your teeth for 14 days can wear the enamel down and increase the risk of tooth decay.

It is important to follow the directions and take your time during the process. Don’t apply more than directed or use them longer than recommended. If you have questions or experience pain in your gums after use, contact your local dentist office immediately.

Different Whitening Options

There are two different whitening strip options to choose from. The most common will be a strip you add directly on your teeth for up to 30 minutes. They will automatically dissolve once they interact with the saliva in your mouth. Leaving no mess and nothing to clean up afterward. The other option is a gel-like substance.

Only use the strips to whiten the front portion of your mouth and not the back. If you want to have the back of your teeth professionally whitened, then contact your dentist to schedule an appointment.

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