How To Find a Good Emergency Dentist

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Apr 11

The best way to avoid emergency dental problems such as a toothache or an impacted tooth is to visit a routine dentist twice a year for an examination and cleaning. During this visit, the dentist can tell you what is wrong with your teeth and gums to arrange a vital procedure before the condition gets worse.

However, if you don’t have a regular dentist or if you are away from home when an emergency does occur, then you need to know how to find an emergency dentist immediately.

Call Your Regular Dentist

When you are traveling and have an emergency problem with a tooth or your gums, you can contact your regular dentist with a telephone call or an email. Your dentist can provide a list of names and addresses of dentists in your location so that you can have help right away. When you follow this recommendation, your current dentist can send your dental health history and your medical images to the new dentist’s office.

Look Online for an Emergency Dentist

You can look online for an emergency dentist by searching for dental facilities in the city where you are visiting. Call the dentist’s office to explain your problem, and you should make arrangements to visit the dental facility immediately for a treatment.

Call a Nearby Hospital’s Emergency Room

If you call a hospital’s emergency room, then you can talk to a receptionist to determine if there is a list of emergency dentists in the area. Prepare to write down the list of names and addresses so that you can seek help within a few minutes for a problem such as a broken or dislocated tooth.

Talk to Neighbor

When you have recently moved to a new area, talk to your neighbors about an emergency dentist that is available in the new city. A neighbor is often able to call the dentist’s office for you, and she may also drive you to the dentist’s office if you are unable to drive yourself.

Contact an Urgent Care Center

Today, most cities have urgent care centers that are a great alternative to hospital emergency rooms. Some of these urgent care centers have dentists available on-site, but other urgent care centers will send you to a new location. Contact the urgent care center with a telephone call to find an emergency dentist.

Check Professional Dental Associations

Look online to find professional dental associations that maintain a list of qualified emergency dentists. There is usually a way to narrow your options for dentists by looking at a particular state, county or city. Begin calling dentists immediately to find one that can care for your problem immediately.

Call Your Dental Insurance Company

When you have dental insurance, you can call the company to find a dentist in your area. Tell the representative that you have an emergency dental problem so that he can find you a dentist’s name and address in your region. Bring along your insurance card to the dentist’s office so that you can receive help right away.

Drive to a Nearby Dental Facility

If you have seen a dentist’s office in your neighborhood, then drive to the facility immediately, and walk in the door, requesting emergency assistance. Most dentists can help you with emergency situations to repair a tooth or gums, or alternatively, the dentist will stabilize you until a different dentist is available.

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