Dentist in Denver CO – Dr. Kendra Patterson Offers Emergency Dental Service

By Dr. Kendra Patterson

Mar 09

Emergency Dentist in Denver CO – Dr. Kendra Patterson Offers Emergency Dental Service

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Denver, CO – March, 9 2020.  Dr. Kendra Patterson’s private practice is offering expert emergency dental care to all residents in the Denver, CO area. Dr. Patterson and her staff have multiple years of experience providing urgent dental care to all patients, from adolescents to the elderly. Her office is locally run and caters to both appointments and walk-ins.


Dental Emergencies

There are many tooth and mouth-related issues that could require emergency dental services. Most are characterized by intense, perpetual, or reoccurring pain in the gums, teeth, or tongue either caused by infection or unforeseen complications with a previous dental procedure. Emergency dental care can stop these issues from becoming acute and causing long-lasting complications with dental hygiene.

It should be noted that not every dental situation is a dental emergency. There are signs to watch out for that tell you when an issue requires immediate attention, such as:


  • Severe Pain


  • Lost Tooth – When a tooth is knocked out of a client’s mouth, it can usually be saved if brought to the dentist quickly enough.


  • Loose Teeth – Adult teeth never loosen or fall out without an external cause and usually require emergency care if found.


  • Swelling Gums – Gums that have swelled up are typically caused by an underlying infection and can potentially be fatal.


  • Blood in Mouth – Recurrent or persistent bleeding from a cut or wound is a potentially serious dental emergency and should be looked at right away.
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When these symptoms are absent, then the dental situation isn’t an emergency that needs to be dealt with immediately. The most telling indication of that is the lack of severe pain; minimal to moderate pain generally only requires making an appointment with a dentist as long as the client can still eat and drink with minimal discomfort.


Protecting Your Teeth

Dr. Kendra Patterson, a skilled emergency dentist in Denver, CO, also provides professional tips for ensuring emergencies don’t happen. One is the common advice most dentists give people to brush their teeth twice a day, floss once and schedule an appointment with a general dentist every six months to prevent dental disease. More specific includes:


  • Don’t chew on hard candies or popcorn kernels because they have the potential to crack a tooth.


  • Avoid using your teeth as tools. Using them to open bottles, rip open packages, or carry things when our hands are full can put stress on our teeth and eventually cause them to fracture.


  • Wear a mouthguard when playing sports. Accidents can happen, especially during high contact sports. In fact, according to a 2019 study by Sports Medicine, accidents on the field are responsible for one-third of all injuries to the face and mouth.
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For More Information

To learn more about Kendra Patterson, DMD’s private practice, and the emergency care they offer, call their dental office in Denver CO at (303) 722-9504. The office manager will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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