Dr. Kendra Patterson in Denver, CO Provides World-Class Cosmetic Dentistry

By Dr. Kendra Patterson

Dec 10

Best Dentist in Denver, CO – Dr. Kendra Patterson Provides World-Class Cosmetic Dentistry 

Kendra L. Patterson, DMD

When patients choose Dr. Kendra L. Patterson as a cosmetic dentist, they may seek a more beautiful smile, but they also gain improved oral and physical health. Patterson’s team of highly-rated and locally trusted experts can guide a patient through all of the procedures available to find the treatment best suited to their oral cosmetic needs.

Types of Treatments

At Patterson’s clinic, patients can choose from a variety of procedures to have the dental aesthetics they dream about. Some of the common treatments include:

  • Teeth Whitening: When a patient’s tooth becomes discolored, it may be suffering from stains not just on the outside but also the inside. Dr. Patterson’s professional-strength whitening can treat intrinsic stains that over-the-counter commercial products would not touch.
  • Inlays and Onlays: These indirect fillings originate in a laboratory, based upon a patient’s dental impressions, and then Dr. Patterson bonds them into place. They are an excellent option to strengthen a tooth’s structure or help a patient’s teeth fit more naturally together.
  • Veneers: New technology allows cosmetic dentists to make thin, custom-fitted adhesives that they place on the front side of a patient’s tooth. This quick and straightforward procedure excels at filling gaps and covering any discolored or chipped teeth.
  • Bonding: Like the way they install veneers, cosmetic dentists adhere a resin to a discolored or damaged tooth. They harden it with visible light and then trim, shape, and polish the resin to make a patient’s tooth fit in flawlessly with the others.
  • Implants: If a patient needs a tooth entirely replaced, the dentist can anchor an implant to a patient’s jawbone and cover it with an abutment and crown. Besides making a patient’s smile look better, the implant will function as a healthy tooth to preserve a patient’s facial symmetry and counteract any bone loss in the patient’s jaw.
  • Crowns: These caps cover the patient’s entire tooth to function and look like a new one. Porcelain and other natural tooth colors cover broken teeth along with those that had root canals or contain large fillings.
  • Shaping: To give each tooth better alignment and symmetry, Dr. Patterson can smooth down portions misshapen from repetitive wear and stress. This shaping can help the patient’s whole smile look straighter and help their teeth look more proportionate.
Kendra L. Patterson, DMD Dentist Denver CO

The cost and number of visits required for each procedure vary, depending on the client’s individual needs, so prospective patients should call Dr. Patterson’s clinic to schedule an appointment and learn what a patient needs to do to have a shinier smile.

Dr. Kendra L. Patterson

A graduate from the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry in 1993, Dr. Patterson began serving the Denver community in 2003 when she acquired the practice from Dr. Quentin Dahm. As a cosmetic dentist, she continues to provide dedicated care to the multiple generations of families who visit her practice. Each patient gets the time they need to receive comprehensive care, and Dr. Patterson makes sure to meet every patient’s individual needs in a professional and comfortable atmosphere.

Kendra L. Patterson, DMD Dentist Denver CO

Dr. Patterson notes that whenever a person is ready to receive affordable cosmetic dentistry and improve their oral health and smile, they can call her office to schedule a consultation appointment.

The cosmetic dentistry office of Kendra L. Patterson, DMD, is located at 850 E Harvard Ave #445, Denver, CO 80210, and her telephone number is (303) 722-9504.

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