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By Dr. Kendra Patterson

Oct 05

Kendra Patterson DMD Offer Top-Notch Dental Implants in Denver CO

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In the past, patients resorted to some interesting solutions to replace missing teeth. In ancient times, people used human or animal teeth. Two hundred years ago, patients had a choice between ivory or wood.

Thanks to implant technology and modern dental materials, dentists can now create natural teeth replicas to design the perfect smile.

Dr. Kendra Patterson Specializes in Dental Implants in Denver, CO

As a dentist near the University of Denver, Dr. Patterson has seen much traumatic dental damage. Student accidents and sports mishaps are commonplace and have given her a lot of experience providing dental implants.

How It Works

The process may require two separate surgeries, and the doctor typically administers a local anesthetic for both procedures. Nervous patients may also request sedation.

During the first surgery, the tooth root implant, the doctor replaces the natural root with a titanium screw. The doctor inserts a small post into the bone socket gap, and the patient goes home.

The patient must wait between six and twelve weeks before the next stage of the process to give the bone time to grow around the post. When it’s secure, the dentist must place an abutment onto the tip of the screw.

If tissue has grown over the post, the doctor will cut a small slit in it to reveal the tip.

Once she’s placed the abutment, Dr. Patterson will take an impression of the surrounding teeth.

The impression enables her to create an accurate replica of the tooth in the form of a crown. During the final phase, the doctor bonds the crown to the abutment.

The new crown requires the same care as the previous tooth. Patients clean, brush, and floss as usual. The implant is permanent and should last for at least thirty years.

Implants may also anchor dentures or bridges.

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Who Is a Good Candidate?

Dental implants are a popular solution from which many patients can benefit. Dentists favor them because of their high success rate. The doctor will assess each patient’s medical history to ensure that they’re a good candidate.

A good candidate:

  • Has sufficient bone mass to support the post
  • Practices good dental hygiene
  • Doesn’t have significant health conditions like heart disease or uncontrolled diabetes
  • Doesn’t smoke heavily

The Other Benefits of Implants

Patients experience several benefits as a result of this procedure:

  • Restores full chewing function: The crown replaces any chewing surface lost
  • Firm anchor for bridges and dentures: Patients don’t have to worry about their teeth slipping out when talking or eating
  • Restores facial symmetry: Missing teeth results in a loss of fullness in the face, making a patient appear older than they are
  • Better dental hygiene: The post fills in the pocket, leaving less space for bacteria to accumulate
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Start the Journey Toward a Full Dental Restoration Today

Would you like to replace a missing tooth or teeth? Schedule a consultation at Kendra Patterson, DMD in Denver, CO to determine if you’d be a good candidate. Dr. Patterson will conduct a thorough evaluation and discuss a suitable treatment plan.

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