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By Dr. Kendra Patterson

Aug 03

Kendra L. Patterson, DMD, Offers Unmatched Emergency Dental Service in Denver, CO

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Emergency dental care is required when the pain becomes unbearable and needs instant relief. Whether it’s a chipped tooth or bacterial infection, patients should book an appointment with their dentist right away for emergency dental service. Kendra L. Patterson, DMD, provides all patients with emergency dental service in Denver, CO.

One typical dental emergency is a toothache, which can occur when food is stuck in the gums or from a bacterial infection. Treating toothaches are usually easy and don’t require any significant procedures. However, if an infection gets out of hand, the dentist may need to perform a root canal to save the tooth from extraction.

Another dental emergency is problems with wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth can cause a great deal of pain when they start to surface. There are four wisdom teeth in total, located in the back of the mouth. A wisdom tooth can erupt at an awkward angle, causing pain and other complications. Removing wisdom teeth is a standard procedure and can be done in just one visit.

Treating a Toothache Before It’s Too Late

As mentioned above, there’s no single cause for a stubborn toothache. The pain starts light but can gradually get worse over time. Patients who are experiencing constant throbbing pain in the teeth or gums should call their dentist immediately.

A tooth abscess (infection) is a build-up of pus in the canal. This happens when cavities go left untreated, and bacteria work their way into the interior of the tooth. A dentist can usually drain the affected area, but if there’s been root damage, a root canal may be required. Severe tooth infections can lead to serious, life-threatening conditions.

Patients should book an appointment with Dr. Kendra Patterson as soon as possible if they are experiencing symptoms such as fever, headaches, swelling around the gums, or a foul smell coming from their mouth.

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Why Wisdom Teeth Are Such a Nuisance

The human body works in mysterious ways. Early human ancestors used to chomp down on tough foods such as roots and animal skins. Back then, wisdom teeth were necessary to break down these compounds to ease digestion. Today, people no longer need these teeth, but they still surface, which is why wisdom tooth pain is a frequent emergency dental service.

Wisdom teeth usually surface between the ages of 17 and 25. By that time, adult teeth have already taken up all the space in the mouth. If a wisdom tooth surfaces at an awkward angle, it can cause other teeth to shift from their normal position.

Wisdom tooth extraction usually takes around two hours and is surprisingly simple. However, not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed. The best way for a patient to find out whether or not the procedure is necessary is to consult with Dr. Kendra Patterson, DMD.

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Are you in Denver and have a dental emergency? The office of Kendra L. Patterson, DMD can walk you through their treatment options to see which emergency dental service is needed to keep your smile shining. Their team of expert dentists can handle all kinds of emergencies and go the extra mile to ensure your teeth are protected.

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