Top-Rated Dr. Kendra Patterson DMD Offers Veneers in Denver CO

By Dr. Kendra Patterson

Mar 15

Top-Rated Dr. Kendra Patterson DMD Offers Veneers in Denver CO

DENVER, CO – Dr. Kendra Patterson and her team are proud to offer dental veneers to their patients in Denver, CO. Dr. Patterson brings more than 26 years of experience to her long-running practice, using it to provide excellent dental care to her patients, including those looking to improve the aesthetic quality of their smile through veneers.

Aesthetic dental issues can be detrimental not only to a patient’s physical health but their self-esteem as well. These issues include stains, discoloration, chips, mild decay, crookedness, or sizing issues that cause the teeth to look vastly different from each other or unusual to others. Dental veneers are coverings permanently attached to the teeth to resolve these issues.

Dental veneers can be composed of either porcelain or composite resin. To obtain them, you would first have your teeth prepped – a small amount of enamel is removed, and the dentist makes a cast or mold of your teeth from which the veneer is made. After the front comes in from the dental lab, your dentist applies it with dental cement and adjusts it accordingly for a custom fit.

Dr. Kendra Patterson is happy to offer this procedure from her practice in Denver. Dr. Patterson is a veteran dentist with 26 years of professional experience. She is a graduate of the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry. She has practiced dentistry in Mississippi for nine years, including serving as a contract dentist for Keesler Air Force base.

Dr. Patterson took over the practice of Dr. Quentin Dahm in Denver in 2003. This practice, a well-loved local dentistry establishment, serves multiple generations of families together under one roof, with some patients as young as three years old and some as old as 90. They combine old-school compassion with top-of-the-line technology for the best dental care experience.

Dr. Patterson’s dental practice team takes pride in providing compassionate, high-quality care to all of their patients. They are happy to offer services such as pre-determinations from insurance and comprehensive consultation appointments to ensure that their patients are as well-informed as possible and in complete control of their oral hygiene journey from start to finish.

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