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Apr 08

No one enjoys it when their dentures break. Not only do you need them for eating, but your dentures are a big part of how you face the world.

Dentures can break due to normal wear and tear after a certain amount of time. Every time you eat, you put a lot of pressure on them from chewing. Changes in outside temperature can also cause them to wear down. In addition, eating foods with high amounts of acid can cause them to wear out.

Because you have to handle your dentures daily, dropping them can cause cracking and breaking. Dentures are fairly resilient, but if they are dropped and land just the right way, they can break in half or crack. When this happens, they need repairing.

Sometimes, dentures lose their natural fitting in your mouth. Your dentist made them to fit you perfectly, but over time, they can become too loose or even too tight. This is due to the shape of your mouth changing as you age. This is a simple fix your dentist can take care of. Never throw your dentures away if they lose their fitting. Call your dentist and set up an appointment for a denture repair. In many cases, a simple adjustment is possible.

First and foremost, if your dentures break, do not panic. Remember that they can be repaired. Make a call to your dentist and explain the situation while scheduling an appointment for repair. Hopefully, you have a spare set of dentures to use in the meantime. If not, your dentist can probably offer a temporary pair to use while yours are being fixed.

If you cannot reach your dentist immediately, there are a few temporary steps you can try while waiting. Most drugstores carry denture repair kits. Make sure when buying one that it is FDA approved as well as approved for dental appliances. If your dentures are cracked, you will not have much luck gluing them together and expecting them to stay together. With the pressure from chewing and eating, glue will not hold tight. If cracked, falling back on a spare pair is the best solution. Never use any type of super glue in your mouth or on your dentures. At best, it will damage the dentures and cause inflammation in your mouth and around your gums. Additionally, it will dissolve when mixed with water. You can attempt to use the bonding material in the denture kit to apply on top of the crack. It may not last long, but maybe long enough to get you to the dentist office.

If a single tooth breaks off of your dentures, most repair kits have a number of different shapes and sizes of teeth to switch out temporarily. Only the glue in the kit should be used when replacing the tooth.

Fixing dentures is something that requires a professional dentist. Anything you do on your own will be temporary and will not last long. Never try to permanently change your dentures before seeing the dentist because your dentist might be able to make repairs and refitting if necessary. Do not take a chance on permanently ruining your dentures.

If you experience a break or crack in your dentures, or if the fitting is off, contact your professional dentist today.

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