Spending time at the Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo refers to an 80-acre facility situated in City Park, Colorado. Established in 1896, Denver City-County owns the zoo. The Scientific and Cultural Facilities fund it. The Denver Zoo is a popular paid attraction in the locality.


The Denver Zoo started with a donation from the American black bear. The local community constructed the Bear Mountain which was known as the first zoo to utilize naturalistic zoo enclosures instead of mesh tents. The zoo expounded on the concept by launching Primate Panorama, which featured substantial mesh tents as well as open areas that suited apes. Predator Ridge was established. It has three distinct areas through which all animals undergo rotation so that the overlapping scents offer an environmental enrichment. On June 2012, Toyota Elephant Phase was launched. The American Association of Zoos, as well as Aquariums, credits the Denver Zoo which is a devoted participant of the World Association of Zoos. In 2009, it received a 14001 ISO Certification. In 2011, it was named the country’s greenest zoo.


The Denver Zoo is prominent for housing various species from across the world. They are such as hoofed mammals, primates, reptiles, fish, and pachyderms. It animal collection has 4,125 specimens that represent 613 species. As such, the zoo seats in a large loop that helps to exhibit inside as well as outside the loop. Some exhibits include:

Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain is a historical exhibit opened in 1918. The natural-style zoo exhibits its specimen in North America. It’s also the first to make use of simulated concrete rocks. Between 1987 and 1989, the zoo underwent restoration. It’s currently home to coati as well as grizzly bears.

Jewels of the Emerald Forest

Jewels of the Emerald Forest pavilion has a winding trail through the diorama replicas that show different primate environments such as South America and Madagascar. Primates of the night are also common in the area. Animals housed in the area are such as aye-aye and golden lion tamarind. An island exhibit connects to the building through rotations. The closest shamba to the area provides a view into a famous village in Central West Africa. Visitors can also view red river hogs as well as mandrills.

Tropical Discovery

The Tropical Discovery was launched in 1993. It’s the zoo’s aquarium. The facility seeks to explore several tropical environments as well as displays of mammals, fish, insects, and reptiles. The tour starts with a primary view into a river that has various species of water and fishes. It proceeds into a cave that has several bat species.

Zoo events

  • Boo at the Zoo

This is a special event held at the Denver Zoo. It’s filled with family events such as costume contests and small prize games. Denver Zoo has many site attractions. Individuals can see the Zoo Live Animal Show. Boo at the Zoo also holds non-scary Halloween experience.

  • Zoo Lights

Zoo Lights is an event presented by Toyota Stores. The series will be characterized by over 2 million LED lights distributed over 70 acres. Event organizers will add Santa’s spark. Families are encouraged to make great holiday memories with their children.

The Denver Zoo educates its visitors. The trained staff offers educational opportunities such as the demonstration of sea lion, wildlife show, river hog feeding, pachyderm demonstration, and penguin feeding. Some of the events are seasonal. Others such as the flamingo talks are held every day. They showcase particular animals. In 2014, the Denver Zoo sponsored a paid audio tour that provided visitors with educational presentations regarding zoo animals.

The Denver Zoo is part of the community’s conservation effort organized by the Department of Conservative Biology. The organization uses continued research and funding to help the zoo to conserve species across the world.