What Are Partial Dentures?

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Apr 11

Partial dentures are removable dental appliances designed to look as natural as your permanent teeth.

Partial dentures help return the normal function and form of your jaw due to missing teeth. Made of acrylic and metal, these appliances are strong enough to allow you the opportunity to chew and speak just as you would with normal teeth, while looking completely natural. Some partial dentures are made with just acrylic material, but your dentist can help you choose the perfect dentures to fit your specific needs.

Who Should Need Partial Dentures

When you lose teeth in your mouth that are not naturally replaced, the bite in your mouth completely shifts because of the open space. Often times, the other teeth in your mouth try to compensate for the empty space in your bite, and you begin to notice the soft tissues decreasing around the bone that supports your absent teeth. Consequently, this can change appearance of your face and cause additional problems for the rest of your teeth. By adding a partial denture, the basic structure of your jaw, mouth, muscles and gums remain in place and active. No further shifting will occur with your remaining teeth, and you gain the benefit of a gorgeous smile.

Additional Benefits

Partial dentures are one of the least expensive and least invasive options for restoring missing teeth. There is some maintenance involved in partial dentures, but it is a quick and easy procedure to learn. The dentures need a daily cleaning, but the process is quick, and it ensures your gums and mouth remain healthy while keeping your dentures in excellent shape. If adjustments to the dentures are needed in the future, such as adding on to your dentures, your dental professional can easily take care of it.

When the rest of the teeth in your mouth are healthy, partial dentures offer a suitable result. We all hope to keep our natural teeth, but it is not always an option. In those cases, partial dentures can provide the perfect solution.

The cost of partial dentures varies based on your unique dental circumstances. Regardless, they offer a cost-effective answer for most people.

There is always a small adjustment period of getting used to partial dentures, but once you are used to them, they will give you all the functionality as your natural teeth. You will be able to enjoy all the same foods you once enjoyed with your original teeth. Most people start out with softer foods after dentures are placed in the mouth, and they usually chew slower to begin with. In most cases, it is better to steer clear of harder and stickier foods.

It is always safer and healthier to take your dentures out before going to sleep. The dentures should be cleaned when they are not inside the mouth, ensuring that no food is stuck under the appliance. By providing the appropriate oral care on your dentures, they will last longer and always keep your gums and mouth healthy. Physically, your gums are healthier when they have the chance to rest and recoup from wearing the dentures during the daytime. Taking the denture out at night will also keep you from grinding or clenching them while sleeping. The pressure from clenching or grinding could cause damage to the denture.

In the long run, partial dentures are the perfect answer for someone missing teeth. They are an inexpensive option, easy to get used to, and offer customization for each patient.

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