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Cosmetic dentistry provides you with a beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing smile, along with myriad other benefits. The functionality of many types of cosmetic dentistry serves to improve both oral health and overall physical health. As a cosmetic dentist in Denver, Kendra Patterson, DMD, PC can manifest promising results. Imagine all of the ways cosmetic dentistry could improve your smile!

Teeth Whitening. Teeth whitening can remove up to 10 years from a patient’s perceived age. This also means, however, that discolored teeth can add up to 10 years to a patient’s perceived age. Teeth can be discolored from the inside or the outside surface. Professional strength teeth whitening can attain the level of whiteness most people desire. Most over the commercial counter products do not treat intrinsic stains. A visit to Dr. Patterson’s office represents a sure-fire way to whiten both types of stains effectively.

Inlays and onlays. These are less conservative tooth restoration methods than fillings, but they are more conservative than crowns, which makes them an excellent option for preserving a tooth’s structure. Impressions create inlays and onlays and bonded to teeth. Their natural coloring blends seamlessly into teeth, and they help to prevent further damage by strengthening the tooth itself. They last a long time and help to preserve how well your teeth fit against each other.

Veneers. Veneers aren’t what they used to be. In the past, teeth had to be prepared more substantially to have veneers placed over them. Now, veneers are thin and can be adhered to the front side of the teeth. Veneers work to fill gaps and to cover discolored teeth or a crooked tooth.

Dental implants.  Implants replace teeth, but they can accomplish more than that. An implant involves an anchor placed into the patient’s jawbone. An abutment and crown are placed over this to take the place of the tooth. It matches the color of the surrounding teeth. An implant functions as a healthy tooth, and, as with all cosmetic dentistry, improve the aesthetic appearance of the patient. Implants are lovely at preserving bone mass, as well. When a patient loses a tooth, they typically incur some bone loss. This can affect the integrity of the bite in addition to overall oral health, as it is more common to experience gingivitis and periodontitis after tooth loss. Also, bone loss can affect the symmetry of a patient’s face, thereby affecting their overall appearance.

Crowns. Crowns may also be referred to as caps. A crown is used to cover an entire tooth. Some healthy portions of the tooth have to be reduced to fit the crown, but a crown functions and looks just like a regular tooth. Porcelain and other tooth-colored crowns, create the illusion of a natural-looking, original tooth. Crowns are used to cover teeth that have had root canals, broken teeth, or teeth that contain large fillings.

Tooth shaping. This can sound minor, but a few small changes to your teeth can create dramatic results. Tooth shaping involves smoothing down certain portions of the teeth to develop enhanced alignment and symmetry. Because teeth are naturally formed the way they are, misshapen teeth can occur through repetitive wear and stress upon teeth. A simple tooth-shaping procedure can help teeth to appear straighter than they were, allowing them to take on a more proportionate appearance.

Tooth bonding. Like veneers, tooth bonding involves adhering the material to a discolored or otherwise damaged tooth.

If you need a cosmetic dentist and wish to improve your smile, make an appointment with Dr. Patterson today. The above information is meant to provide a basic introduction only; each procedure includes a list of additional benefits. Discover how you can help to perfect your smile today! Please call for an appointment: (303) 722-9504.