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We’re told that with proper brushing and flossing, plus visits to the dentist twice a year, we can keep our natural teeth our entire lives. Unfortunately, this isn’t true for everyone. While proper dental hygiene practices certainly do help to keep teeth and gums healthy, problems can arise for all kinds of reasons, including illness, medications, and even heredity. When someone loses one tooth or many, they should not feel that it’s their fault. Dr. Patterson has been providing dentures in Denver to help her patients achieve healthy gums and strong, functional teeth, and she understands that sometimes, those teeth must be artificial in order to provide the patient with the best possible oral hygiene. 

Who is a Candidate for Dentures?

If you do lose a tooth, you should get it replaced as soon as possible. Missing teeth cause a gradual breakdown of the structure of your dentition, and in time, your other teeth will start to shift out of position. When a tooth is decayed and can’t be saved, it should be extracted and replaced. Replacement of one or several teeth can be accomplished with implants, but they do not work for everyone. Dentures are still the most common choice in tooth replacements, and for good reason. Dentures have provided patients with strong, functional replacement teeth for a very long time, and are still the simplest and most economical choice. Dentures can restore your ability to eat a wide variety of foods and improve your appearance—as well as your self-confidence.

Prosthodontic Procedure

Getting fitted for dentures at Dr. Patterson’s dental clinic in Denver requires a few scheduled visits. First, an exam is performed and X-rays are taken; then Dr. Patterson will determine the extent of the preliminary work that needs to be done. If you have teeth that need to be extracted, this will be completed; afterwards, healing time will be necessary before you can get dentures. You will have a few appointments for fittings so that Dr. Patterson can design your new dentures. You will be able to choose the shade of your dentures. The dentist will assist you in this choice, as patients sometimes tend to go for the whitest teeth possible—which is not always the best option, depending upon your complexion. During this process, you may receive temporary dentures to wear until your permanent dentures are ready. Please feel free to speak with Dr. Patterson about temporary dentures. While they are not absolutely necessary, they do provide a cosmetic benefit, and they can assist in the healing process after teeth have been extracted.

Life With Dentures

It can take a bit of time to become accustomed to wearing dentures. At first, they may feel uncomfortable, or you may experience a gag reflex. These annoyances will go away in a short time, and you will be able to eat, speak, and smile normally. Soon, you will “forget” that you are wearing dentures. If you experience any problems that you feel are impairing your ability to wear your dentures, including pain, soreness, or difficulty with gagging, please contact Dr. Patterson’s office as soon as possible.

If you are thinking about speaking with Dr. Patterson about dentures, you may have some reservations about the stigma of wearing them. Please remember that Dr. Patterson understands that teeth can be lost for a variety of reasons, and wants to help all of her patients to experience better teeth. Dentures are always preferable to no teeth or missing teeth. Dr. Patterson can discuss further concerns through an phone call or a consultation. 

When seeking dentures, particularly on the internet, you will see a great deal of information of varying quality and reliability. Do not let anyone discourage you or push you in the direction of other options, if you feel they are not right for you. If you are younger, don’t let that bother you. There are actually many people under the age of 40 who wear dentures. Dentures are for anyone who has experienced significant loss of teeth, or who needs to have teeth extracted and wants an affordable, reliable replacement. Learn more about our veneers.

If you would like to speak with Dr. Patterson about dentures, please call us or fill out our contact form now to set an appointment: (303) 722-9504