Start A Regular Routine

By Kendra L. Patterson, DMD | Dental Clinic

Dec 27

The only way to preserve your healthy smile is to take good care of your gums and teeth and in order to do it right, you’ll need to set aside enough time to brush twice a day and floss at least once.

Dental professionals have determined that brushing for a full two minutes time once in the morning and again at night will do the most good. Setting up a regular timetable seemed to work well for most people and the two-minute session was successful in removing a good percentage of the plaque that forms a film over our teeth on a daily basis. Studies have shown that plaque causes tooth decay and gum disease and has been linked to other harmful diseases.

Each of your teeth has five surfaces. The outer one can be cleaned sufficiently with a toothbrush but in order to reach in between the teeth, you will need to use dental floss or an interdental pick or brush. Your Denver Dentist will often recommend that their patients include time in their oral maintenance schedule for an oral irrigation, especially if they have a history of susceptibility.

If you’re having difficulty getting the knack of how to maneuver the flossing string ask your dental hygienist to demonstrate how to floss properly and give you some tips on how to brush for the maximum effect. Make that appointment now, call Kendra L Patterson, DMD in Denver @ 303-722-9504.

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