Work With Your Dental Professional

By Kendra L. Patterson, DMD | Dental Clinic

Nov 22

There are certain factors that put some of us at higher risk for gum disease than the average dental patient. Improper or a lack of good oral health habits, excessive stress and dental work that is in need of repair are three of those factors. Heredity, medical conditions, and nutrition also figure into the equation. Some of these circumstances are beyond our control but we do have a say over what we eat and the lifestyle that we choose to follow.

It’s important to create a plan that combines home and professional care in order to avoid the buildup of bacterial plaque that is the mainstay of oral disease. Daily brushing and flossing are the basics when it comes to a program for home habits. Professional checkups and cleanings should be scheduled every six months, more often if there is a family history of periodontal disease.

Your dental hygienist is an excellent source of information about over the counter products that can aid in the efficiency of your home care. There are new toothpaste and mouthwashes coming on the market every day, but a hygienist has first-hand knowledge of the ones that live up to their claims and those that don’t. Another good criterion, always check to see that the product or appliance you are considering has the ADA Seal of Approval.

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