Feb 17

The comfort of the patient is a top priority for all dentists. If a patient is made to feel at ease in the environment the dental appointment can be a good experience for everyone involved.

Patients who have been coming to the same practice for some time like to be recognized as part of a dental home. They enjoy being called by name and welcomed with a friendly smile by the office staff as well as by the dental associates. New patients will appreciate a warm welcome as well, which may come in the form of a packet or brochure being sent out to those patients who are scheduled for their first appointment.

That first encounter can set the tone for the entire patient/dentist relationship. Most patients respond well to being asked about any specific concerns that they may have. A question-answer session will show that the dentist is sincerely interested in hearing what the patient has to say. It can also provide the dentist with information that can be used to compose a valuable history for future reference.

It ‘s important to add a personal touch to the conversation. Most people like to talk about themselves and their family members, especially when children or grandchildren are involved. Patients like to get to know their dentist on somewhat of a personal level as well. A family photo might be displayed along with certificates of participation in community events or awards for recognition in their field.

The dental chair has undergone significant improvements over the years. Today’s models allow the patient to actually lie back and relax during an exam or procedure. Kendra Patterson, DMD goes a step further by offering blankets and pillows to make her patients even more comfortable. Her office is conveniently located on E. Harvard Ave, near Porter Adventist Hospital. Find directions on the website www.kendrapattersondme.com or call 303-722-9504. Dr. Patterson has provided a pleasant office environment staffed with caring personnel whose priority is to cater to the well-being of the patients.

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