Consultation Is A Good First Step

By Kendra L. Patterson, DMD | Dental Clinic

Aug 23

If you’re tired of living with what you consider to be a less than perfect smile now is a good time to take action. There are more cosmetic dental procedures available now than ever. Your first step on the road to improvement should be to arrange a consultation with your cosmetic dentist so that the two of you will be in sync about your expectations.

If you have suffered tooth loss, extreme discoloration or if your gum tissue has been affected by disease bring a “before” picture of yourself to give your dentist a better idea of the self image that you’re hoping to regain. If you’re starting from scratch however, try to find a visual example of the look that you hope to achieve.

The consultation appointment is a perfect opportunity to ask questions and voice your concerns about the procedure that you are considering. This is also the time for your dentist to evaluate the general condition of your gums and teeth to determine what kind of procedure may be most appropriate to your needs.

Your dentist has no doubt performed any number of cosmetic procedures similar to the one that you are contemplating. He will encourage you to look through the portfolio of the successful outcomes that other patients have benefitted from. Good past reviews are always reassuring to the new patient.

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