A Dental Home Caters To Patient Needs

By Kendra L. Patterson, DMD | Dental Clinic

Aug 02

People are busier than ever what with job responsibilities and social engagements, school events and family obligations. Scheduling dental appointments to coincide with such a jam-packed agenda can be a bit of a hassle but with a dental home that understands the frustrations that can arise things will go much more smoothly.

What does the term “dental home” really describe? Individual patient care, cutting edge technology and educational tools for the prevention of disease are all at the top of a list of priorities for any family practice. Comfort is also a main concern. Certain amenities can make a big difference in the impression that patients take away from the dental experience.

A friendly welcome makes a good first impression. Patients also appreciate a helping hand when it comes to financial arrangements. An office staff that can provide the patient with a prepared estimate of the cost for a recommended procedure for instance, including those expenses that their insurance plan may cover, will be greatly appreciated.

With everything that’s going on in our hectic lives we may forget even something as important as a dental appointment made several months in advance. A friendly reminder via email or phone sent a few days before the date is always a welcome amenity.

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