Don’t Hesitate To Ask

By Kendra L. Patterson, DMD | Dental Clinic

Apr 10

You should never feel intimidated about asking questions during your dental appointment. In fact, your dentist appreciates the fact that you are interested enough in your oral health to find out all you can about how best to maintain it. Dentists and hygienists are happy to take the time to explain how important a regimen of home care can be.

Gum disease can lead to the deterioration of the jawbone structure and eventual tooth loss. It is a progressive disease but it can be stopped if treated in the early stages. And yes, brushing and flossing really can make a difference.

Just brushing isn’t good enough. Bleeding gums is one of the first signs of impending gum disease. A comparative study has determined that dental patients who brushed and flossed on a daily basis experienced a significant percentage of improvement over those who brushed but did not floss. If you find flossing to be awkward or uncomfortable ask your dentist or hygienist for some helpful tips to make it easier.

Mouthwash or no mouthwash? A “cosmetic” mouthwash can refresh your breath and leave your whole mouth feeling clean and healthy and is purely a matter of personal preference. A “therapeutic” mouthwash however, may be recommended by your dentist if you are at high risk for cavities or gum disease.

Dr. Patterson of Kendra Patterson, DMD welcomes patient input and is eager to answer your questions and encourage you to continue your daily regimen of home care. Call the office @ 303-722-9504 for your appointment.

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