Help Yourself To Good Oral Health

By Kendra L. Patterson, DMD | Dentist

Jan 06

If you really stop to think about it you will realize just how important your dental health is to your overall well-being. Poor oral health has been directly linked to medical conditions like diabetes and heart trouble. Not only that, but a healthy smile can have an effect on your self-confidence which in turn can influence your social life as well as the achievements that you make in your business career. Being confident enough to speak up and make your ideas known in the conference room can be very impressive to successful executives looking for bright minds.

That same self-assurance can carry over to social situations. When you know that your smile is bright and healthy-looking and your breath is fresh and clean you will feel comfortable enough to contribute to conversations with friends and co-workers. You might even find yourself being the center of attention on the party scene!

As important as dental health is to your daily life it is relatively easy to attain. Prevention is key and it can begin at home by adhering to a routine of care that will maintain your teeth between visits with your dental professional.

Find a toothpaste that you like so that you will look forward to the taste. You can buy travel size tubes to sample a variety of flavors before you settle on one, but be sure it contains fluoride. Dental floss also comes in flavors and improvements have reduced the chance of it shredding. If you just can’t master the art there are dental flossers available that are pre-measured and made for easier maneuvering.

Listen to the advice that your dentist and hygienist give you. They can recommend more preventive methods and suggest certain supplements that can be beneficial in maintaining good oral health. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, for instance, there are treatments that can give you relief. Don’t hesitate to voice any concerns that you may have.

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