Little Extras Can Mean A lot

By Kendra L. Patterson, DMD | Dental Clinic

Jun 28

What do people want and what can they hope to expect from their next visit with the dentist? Studies have shown that the office environment ranks right up there with experience and technology on a list of priorities.

First impressions are important. The reception area of a dental office sets the mood for the entire patient experience. An attractive space with comfortable seating, current reading materials and a few kid friendly attractions will indicate a concern for patient convenience. These niceties fell under the category of basic expectations for most people surveyed. Extra added amenities listed included relaxing music, complimentary beverages and creature comforts like a soft pillow or warm blanket.

While a pleasant physical environment was important to most who were surveyed a friendly staff was also considered to be of significance. Regulars of a dental practice appreciate being recognized and greeted by name by the office receptionist. First time patients look forward to a warm welcome and a friendly smile.

Most people consider office location when they are searching for a dental home. A building site that is easy to get to and provides convenient parking will go a long way in influencing potentials.

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