Make The Most Of Your Next Dental Visit

By Kendra L. Patterson, DMD | Dental Clinic

Feb 01

Remember the last time you left the dentist’s office, that fresh feeling in your mouth that only comes from a professional dental cleaning? That in itself is enough to make you want to keep to a schedule of regular six month appointments.

You can make the most of those appointments by taking a genuine interest in your own oral health. Ask your dentist about the things you can do between visits to increase your chances of having a good next checkup. We all know that brushing and flossing is an important part of a maintenance regimen but everyone has specific needs. Your dentist can recommend treatments or therapies that might be beneficial to you in particular.

There are new dental hygiene products appearing on the market all the time. If you’ve heard about one that sounds good to you ask your dentist for a professional opinion. Always alert your dentist to any changes in your mouth that you have noticed since your last visit and mention any new medications that your doctor may have prescribed. It is also important to indicate an increase or decrease in dosages of those medicines that are listed on your record.

Of course you’ll want to do everything you can to be ready for your dental checkup but you don’t want to overdo it by brushing harder than you normally would. If you’re really not flossing as regularly as you should now is not the time to try to make up for it. Flossing when you’re not used to doing it or brushing too vigorously can irritate your gum tissue. Instead, ask your dentist for tips on how to make flossing easier and try to find a toothpaste that you can look forward to using.

The best way to ensure your continued dental health is to work with your dentist and hygienist in the effort. Dr. Patterson and her entire staff are sincerely interested in hearing patient concerns. Every effort has been made to create a comfortable and reassuring environment for dental care. Call 303-722-9504 for your appointment with Kendra L. Patterson,DMD.

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