Make The Safer Choice

By Kendra L. Patterson, DMD | Dental Clinic

May 08

The tried and true family recipes that came from your grandmother’s kitchen are hard to improve on but the same may not be said for medical or dental remedies. Social media has made all kinds of cure-alls readily available to the public but dental professionals advise that patients put their trust in the products that have been tested and approved by established authorities like the ADA and the AAPD.

The benefits from dental x-rays far outweigh the risks. Not only do dentists need the technology to identify problems that cannot be seen during a routine exam but with the introduction of digital radiology the danger from exposure is minimal.

People tend to listen to celebrity recommendations especially when it comes to beauty secrets. After all, who has whiter teeth than a movie star or a model? Ask your dentist however, before using any whitening products that you may have heard about online or by word of mouth.

Mouthwashes are great for making your breath feel fresh and to eliminate the bad breath that may be caused by a spicy food or drink but if you want a mouthwash that will help to maintain your oral health be sure that it contains fluoride. Ask your dentist or hygienist to recommend a product.

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