Are Your Teeth Becoming More Sensitive?

By Kendra L. Patterson, DMD | Dental Clinic

Sep 13

Your tooth enamel is the strongest tissue in your body. Its purpose is to protect the more delicate under layers of your teeth from disease causing bacteria. It also provides a buffer zone for extreme sensations of hot and cold. If your tooth enamel is weakened in any way your teeth will be more vulnerable to decay and the level of sensitivity will increase.There are precautions that you can take to prevent the discomfort of tooth sensitivity.

The reason that dentists and hygienists recommend that their patients use a soft bristle toothbrush is because hard bristles and vigorous brushing can eventually cause tooth enamel to begin to deteriorate. It’s important that you brush twice a day, but go easy and always use a soft bristle brush.

Bruxism is the official term for the habit of grinding or clenching your teeth to the point of causing undue wear and tear on your tooth enamel. Bruxism is easily overlooked because it often happens when the person is asleep and totally unaware of the action going on. If you begin to experience an unexplained increase in sensitivity see your dentist for an evaluation.

Tooth sensitivity may be intensified by alcohol or a chemical irritant in the mouthwash that you use every day. Try switching to a less stringent formula and see if it makes a difference.

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