Too Many Choices?

By Kendra L. Patterson, DMD | Dental Clinic

Oct 18

It’s hard to know just what to select from the many items displayed in the dental product section of your pharmacy or general store. You will find everything from the mouthwashes that promise to promote healthy gum tissue to the toothpastes that claim to be formulated to whiten your teeth. So how are you to decide among so many choices?

Advertisements are meant to influence the consumer and convince him to choose one product over all the others. In order to do this manufacturers often use the endorsements of celebrities to sell their product or they paint a somewhat exaggerated picture of what the product can actually do. Word of mouth is a good way to clear away the confusion that can come from all the hype.

People tend to trust the opinion of a close friend or family member, even more than they do that of a famous personality. That’s fine for finding a good restaurant or a hair salon for instance, but when it comes to your oral health the better source for recommendation is your dentist or hygienist. They have witnessed first-hand results of many of the products that are currently being offered on the market.

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